Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's Not Just For Figure Skaters

Sonali attended the AB-SK bash wearing one of the duo's own creations. I must say, I was surprised to see sheer mesh on a sari blouse - heck, I was surprised to see it anywhere outside a skating rink. While I link the sleeves and the overall cut of the blouse, the sheer mesh is a deal breaker. With the exception of the swirls on the blouse, the sari itself it bo-ring. So overall, not a fan of this piece. I do like Sonali's newly reddish tinged hair, however. It's one of the few hair colors other than basic black that flatters desis.
Photos: filmicafe.


Allaboutladies said...

sonali bendre always luks amazing

desipolitan said...

Agreed. She is striking no matter what she wears.