Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ho Hum

The newest face of Olay Regenerist, Mads attended a product launch looking rather ... boring. Don't get me wrong. La Dixit totally rocks the short hemline, which is a departure for her. However, I wish she'd introduce some color into that wardrobe. Take a cue from Sri. Nothing heralds an impending comeback attempt like some bright, bold colors! At the very least, throw in a colorful pair of heels instead of boring ol' black on black. Anyway, the frock isn't really inventive. It's better suited for a day of shopping than a product launch, wouldn't you say?
Photo: getty.


Anonymous said...

agree on everything you said plus she is top heavy & has chicken legs.

desipolitan said...

Lol, anon! Don't you just hate when bad style happens to beautiful people?