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Ummm No

I'm all for experimentation with bold and dramatic looks. But I think Shraddha went overboard at the BBC Food Guide launch. I mean honestly. Spangled palazzo pants? Really?
Photo: filmicafe

Superb Saris

Sari-clad celebrities stole the show at the Airtel Superstar Awards red carpet. These three ladies were far and away the best dressed and put even couture gowns to shame with their obvious gorgeousness. Bips more than compensates for her previous appearance. The hot pink/yellow combo is fabulous. I do wish it had full sleeves on both arms - the one sleeve thing is puzzling. The upswept hair, the bold pink bindi and lip, and the winged eye liner resulted in a smoldering look for this Bong babe.
Rekha was in standard Rekha attire. The woman practically owns the all-gold palette with regards to pure silk saris. It's heirloom material, people. To it, she added her long, loose hair and just a wee bit heavy-handed makeup. It might be slightly on the pancakey side, but you know what, it's always worked for Rekha so one hardly expects her to suddenly adopt natural makeup at this stage in the game.
Arpita, dear, sweet Arpita. Usually she's out shined by her spotlight-seeking brother…

It's Not Just For Figure Skaters

Sonali attended the AB-SK bash wearing one of the duo's own creations. I must say, I was surprised to see sheer mesh on a sari blouse - heck, I was surprised to see it anywhere outside a skating rink. While I link the sleeves and the overall cut of the blouse, the sheer mesh is a deal breaker. With the exception of the swirls on the blouse, the sari itself it bo-ring. So overall, not a fan of this piece. I do like Sonali's newly reddish tinged hair, however. It's one of the few hair colors other than basic black that flatters desis.
Photos: filmicafe.

Furry Friends

No, I am not referring to Rahul K's facial hair. I'm referring to the PETA Awards ceremony in honor of our furry animal friends. Rahul looked quite dapper, although the jeans with a tie look is a bit mystifying. Typically I would assume you'd pick one or the other. Still, Rahul manages to make it look good. Kudos.
Also lending her support, Dia was luminous. I wonder if they sell that glow on the market. I hear she's rep'ing The Body Shop. They could bottle a "Glow Like a Dia" (haha get it?) product and make a bundle. If y'all start seeing it on their shelves, I'll have my people contact them for royalties. Jokes aside, I'm loving the pink and green combo of her sari - haven't seen it much of late.
Photos: getty.

Mummy-Beti Coordination

The ever-stylish mother-daughter duo of Dimple and Twinkle made a characteristically chic appearance at the AJ-SK bash. Coordinated in their cremes and golds, the Khanna ladies were radiant as per ush. Though, as you all know, I am a stickler for proper blouses and thus, I am not too fond of Twink's strapless "blouse", I do like the unexpected pop of green she added with her emerald jewels and one of her vast collection of knot clutches.
Photo: filmicafe.

And Scene

After a spate of fashionable appearances, I was rather disappointed in DP's attire at a promotional event for Raj and Pablo's "Bollywood Jollygood" t-shirt line. Yes, she reappeared with a bold, red lip. Yes, she trotted out another one-sleeve number. Yes, she did her best impression of a mannequin. And yes, the overall look was a letdown.
I don't mean to harp on this what with all the ridic (I hope they're) rumors about Abbas-Mustan requiring DP to lose 10 pounds for Race 2, but she's almost looking haggard and even more beanpoley than usual. Poor girl. A bit of curvyness would really do wonders for this mega-tight number. What are Abbas-Mustan thinking?!Photo: getty.


Congratulations, Aishwaryashek on welcoming a baby girl into the world! News of baby Bachchan's birth has been trending online, but the Indian media has shockingly shown restraint in their coverage. One thing is certain, this baby girl has some beeeyoootiful genes!
Photo: reuters.


DP has been on a roll of late. She can add her appearance at the D.Y. Patil awards to the growing list of sartorial hits on the red carpet. DP wore a heavily embellished Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla chudidaar kurta that was very similar to the one a few days earlier by La Rai.
Personally, I like the Nehru collar on Deepika's version. Given the fact that the kurta was so mega-watt, I especially like DP's decision to wear her hair up and away from her face. The not unsubstantial drop-style earrings and bronzed makeup were nice touches as well. Photos: filmicafe.

Whole Lotta Red

Bright, tomato red seems to have been the color of choice for ladies at the  Hello! awards. Kudos to DP for outshining all the rest. Looks like DP's style quotient is on a spectacular upswing of late. Happy to see it!
Photos: filmicafe.

Minimalist:Karisma, ___ :: Sonam

There's your little brain teaser of the day. These two lovelies attended the Hall of Fame awards in such strikingly different ensembles. Karisma was the epitome of sleek and minimalist. Fitted black is universally flattering and that neckline adds an edginess to her look. Her platform peep toes and pulled back poker straight hair seal the deal. Lolo has been gravitating toward black of late, but she looks so good in it that I can't fault her.
Sonam, on the other hand, lived up to her whimsical fashion sense in a sunny gown. But Sonam darling, I don't mean to alarm you, but there is a little something on your shoulder. You may want to have that looked at. It's freaking me out. Minus the giant orchid (or whatever that thing is), the bow detailing and the bold color made for a lovely gown. The pinned up hair was spot on with a gown this voluminous and with such heavy duty detailing at the neckline.
Photos: filmicafe.

Oh No She Di'int

Jenny from the Block will get a good laugh when she gets a look at this ladyIra Dubey at the Hello! Hall of Fame Awards. For now, she will be referred to as an Unidentified Fashion Disaster unless one of y'all can ID her so I can more precisely direct my boos and hisses.Hat tip, Shivani!
Lady, if you're going to wear this bold, cut-out Pucci gown after it has been seen on the likes of J Lo, you gots to bring it! You can't be all slouchy and sullen faced, and have your undergarment peeking out. You must own it like J Lo. Otherwise, the oomph factor of this gown is utterly and completely lost on you. Here's J Lo rockin' it at the BAFTA "Brits to Watch" event in LA.
Photos: filmicafe, mtv.

Kermit, Bollywood Ishtyle

Check out the latest Bollywood crossover in the form of a Muppets parody movie trailer! Bollywood + Muppets seem like a natural combination wouldn't you agree? Miss Piggy already has the diva-tude of an A-list Bolly starlet and Kermit has all the lovableness of say, a SRK.

Memo Received

Looks like Mehr J finally got the memo. "What memo?" you ask. The memo beseeching the gorgeous lady to move away from her oft repeated selection of black, potato sack-like dresses. Boy, when she listens. She listens. At the AJ-SK bash, Mehr likely caused jaws to drop in her form-fitting bandage-style dress in hot pink no less. Hubs, on the other hand, looks a tad boring. But not bad on the whole. If he had opted for pressed pants rather than what he actually wore, he would be on par with wifey.

Photos: filmicafe

Bump Spotted

Arguably the most anticipated couple at the Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla 25th Anniversary bash, Aishwaryashek did not disappoint. Clad in a fitted salwaar kameez, La Rai finally showed off that baby bump. She's due any day now, so I say mad props are due to her for trooping through this event. If you can take your eyes of the glowing Aishwarya, then you'd note that Abhishek looks like a doofus. He apparently lauded his "Mamas" for giving him his style sense. Why the indictment of their style, Abhi?! I for one can't see how one could blame AJ-SK for Abhi baby's whack fashion choices.
Photos: filmicafe.

Cover Story: Freida Pinto.

Fabulous Freida is at it again! Fresh of a string of new releases and all the promotional events associated therewith, we find her gracing the cover of the November issue of Elle. Look for Freida in Tarsem Singh's Immortals releasing 11/11/11. Freida is featured in their Women in Hollywood issue. Read more here.

Babies Babies, Everywhere!

India's pageant queens seem to be sharing lots of good news these days. Shortly after we learned of La Rai's lil bun in the oven, Mrs. Bhupathi made her own announcement. By way of contrast to La Rai, who has been photographed (rarely) and exclusively in voluminous Indian attire, Lara D is of the "flaunt that bump" camp with her cute maternity wear.
From a recent babymoon in Europe where she has been stocking up at Isabella Oliver and Shop Bop for maternity clothing while satisfying some cravings, she recently tweeted:
And to top it all off, newlywed Mrs. Peter Haag (aka Celina J.) also has some baby news. Make that double the baby news. She's evidently expecting twins. Congrats to all the burgeoning bellies. Beautiful mammas-to-be are sure to make beautiful babies dontcha think?
Photos: filmicafe, viral bhayani.


And I bet it was the cutest little roar ever. Padma L. was spotted on the streets of NYC doing a little trick-or-treating with her little lion cub, Krishna. Adorbs!
Photo via people.

What the Fug?!

One glance upon Bips' attire and I was very nearly rendered speechless. What the fug is this monstrosity?! The bizarre (wholly unattractive, hideous even) print, side slit and train were bad enough. But that - what I can only describe as a tat-sleeve? Add to that, the inexplicably demure (almost sensible) heels, and hair that has been flat ironed until the ends are all fryed, and we have what is quite possibly one of Bips' worst looks ever. Does this prove she has taken leave of her senses since dumping boy-toy John A? I kid. But seriously, this dress is fugly.
Photo: getty.

Baby Steps

It looks like DP is slowly working herself out of her shorts and tank craze. The sheath while showing off her great pair of gams, seems to be ill-fitting. But the sparkle factor is appropriate for the venue (a Formula 1 bash), and those nude platform sling backs are a classy touch. It is certainly an improvement over her recent appearances so we'll take it!
Photo: getty.

Ho Hum

The newest face of Olay Regenerist, Mads attended a product launch looking rather ... boring. Don't get me wrong. La Dixit totally rocks the short hemline, which is a departure for her. However, I wish she'd introduce some color into that wardrobe. Take a cue from Sri. Nothing heralds an impending comeback attempt like some bright, bold colors! At the very least, throw in a colorful pair of heels instead of boring ol' black on black. Anyway, the frock isn't really inventive. It's better suited for a day of shopping than a product launch, wouldn't you say?
Photo: getty.