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Au Natural

In keeping with the trend of seeking divine intervention prior to movie releases, new girl Nargis Fakhri made a dutiful appearance at the Golden Temple. Can I just say that this is one stunning girl? She is wearing minimal (if any makeup) but she radiates natural beauty. Now whether her obvious good looks translate to box office success, you'll have to tell me on viewing Rockstar co-starring Ranbir K.
Photo: getty.

Media Shy.

The very-preggers La Rai appears at once to be courting the media and trying to out-maneuver persistent photogs. Attending a recent music launch, La Rai looked radiant while cloaking her growing belly in a lovely Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla creation. Looks like any prior rift between the designers and La Rai has been placated as she has turned to them for custom maternity-wear. Bonus: the lightly curled hair is a welcome change from her usual blown out locks.
Photos: getty.

Filmi Forecast: Snow White Redux.

I'm pretty excited for director Tarsem Singh's reportedly dark(er) take on the classic fairy tale of Snow White. The casting choice of Julia Roberts as the evil queen was a coup and I'm interested to see what kind of dark, melodramatic spin Roberts will give the role. The film also stars Lilly Collins as Snow White and Nathan Lane as the Queen's henchman (for a little comedic lightheartedness I suspect). The film is expected to be released in March.

Via: people.

Young at Heart.

I should preface this post by saying that it has nothing whatever to do with fashion, and that my snark-o-meter is quite low today. So if you're looking for fashion commentary or snark, come back tomorrow. For now, I thought I'd share this photo of Sallu baba and Sanju baba busy promoting Bigg Boss (with the inexplicable misspelling).
They just look so darn happy, like they're having a blast. Lately the former has been looking a wee bit haggard while the latter has been looking stoned off his ass (oops how did that snark creep in?). So it's refreshing to see both looking more like their younger selves. Photo: ap.

Yippee! More La Rai Baby Bump (not quite) Spotting!

This gorgeous mamma-in-the-making has sure figured out clever ways to outsmart the photogs in their vain attempts to snag a shot of that blossoming Bachchan baby bump (ha try saying that three times fast). I certainly don't begrudge La Rai her quest for some degree of privacy. But I can't resist repeating how stunning she is in her desi maternity wear. While it handily conceals the BBBB, it is far from mumu territory! Quite the different approach than Karisma's take on maternity wear. I love both for being so flattering to the preggers woman who doesn't want to sacrifice style! For days when you want to wrap your baby bump in a cozy cocoon, go the La Rai route. For days when you want to flaunt your magnificent bump take a cue from Lolo.

Photos: getty.

Attention Label Addicts!

This message will serve to inform you that come October 7, Hermès will launch a limited edition collection of saris at their posh Horniman Circle store in Mumbai. The saris have been co-designed by Sunita Kumar and retail for a mere USD 6,6134 or Rs 3 lakh and higher (though the blouse piece will cost you extra).  In total, the collection includes four silk prints inspired by the inimitable Hermès scarves.
Via: poorna harjani, kymberlee fernandez, hermès.

Yummy Mummy.

Mommy-to-be made an exceedingly rare public appearance at Durga puja. She's drastically reduced her public appearances since announcement of her pregnancy so it was a treat for fans to catch sight of the glowing La Rai at the mandir. Hot pink suits her don'tcha think? Photo: ap.