Monday, September 12, 2011

YBTJ: LWD Edition.

That's Little White Dress. I think this round clearly belongs to Dia. I like the sweet eyelet shift. It doesn't veer into cutesy territory because the short hemline balances that tendency of such dresses. The nude, platform peep-toes lend that extra level of oomph. Minimalist makeup and easy wavy hair complete her look at the music launch for Love Breakups Zindagi.
Regrettably, I think Sonam's look while promoting Mausam in Mumbai, fell flat. I do want to go on the record as saying I don't think it's entirely her (or her stylist's) fault. She was probably contractually obligated (like Kit Kat) to wear flats while promoting her film so as not to tower over Shahid (why oh why are Bolly actors' egos so delicate?). That said, the dress itself was too bulky and shapeless to be at all attractive. Long sleeves should be paired with a shorter hemline. And I don't understand what sort of material this is - is it lace? The closeup of the fabric actually reminds me of those snowflakes you used to cut out of a sheet of paper as kids. Great for Christmas decorations, bad for dress material.
Photos: getty.

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