Thursday, September 15, 2011

When Cover Ups Fail.

The object of concealer is to ... well, conceal. Sayali B demonstrates an epic fail at the music launch of The Weekend. Let's think about this shall we? If you know you'll be stepping out at some point in the near future wearing a halter style (read: maximum skin exposure) dress, you have two options.
Option 1: at least two weeks from said event, start religiously washing arms, chest and back with a product containing salicylic acid to tame the dreaded bacne and to allow existing scars and marks to heal and fade away. Option 2: do nothing and on day of event, frantically slather on liquid foundation all over your back and arms. Guess which option is preferred?
Liquid foundation on arms/back + summer's heat = meltdown catastrophe. What we see are visible streaks of the liquid foundation dribbling down her back and ashy whitish splotches on her arms. All it is doing is drawing even more attention to her problem areas. Gah. Photos: getty.

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