Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Ok so PZ tweeted no less than 5 times about her travels to the Venice International Film Festival. Upon further investigation, it seems she was awarded the "World Diamond Group Platinum Award for People" at the Premio Kineo ceremony. Apparently, it was bestowed upon her for her work towards promoting cultural harmony. Not to be a cynic, but I have to ask: "huh?!?".
Fresh off her recent Stateside sabbatical, PZ recently launched her new talk show and continues to dabble with her cricket investment, the Kings XI. Anyone else curious as to why exactly she was honored? If it were a fashion award, I would say absolutely she deserves it, but humanitarian work? I'm a bit surprised to say the least.
Photo: getty.


Adorable On Your Vanity said...

Love her dress though :) I honestly don't know what humanitarian work she has done either? Does she have a UN affiliation or something? I'm sure she does SOMETHING like every other bolly star.

horoscope said...

We love you preity really you are amazing!

numerologue said...

I like what you share my darling preity i wish a lot of success.