Friday, September 9, 2011

Filmi Forecast: Ra.One.

So SRK tweeted this latest poster for Ra.One earlier today. It struck me as a futuristic, desi take on the famous Gone With The Wind movie poster with Clark Gable and Vivienne Leigh, minus the smoldering chemistry of those golden stars.
This poster represents excessive digital retouching with a heavy dose of shading and contouring of SRK's abs and terrible photoshopping of lifeless Kareena. Her oddly contorted body reminds me of those Amar Chitra Kathas with their voluptuous, scantily clad damsels with unrealistic bust-waist-hip ratios that would make Barbie jealous.


FashionPhD said...

dude photoshop fail on her waist! what a waste

desipolitan said...

Totally. Photoshop is such a waste when they don't know when to stop.