Monday, September 26, 2011

Come Again?

Look who made a desippearance in the October issue of Allure. My as yet unanswered question of what exactly Ms. Sherwat is doing in Hollywood remains. However, now we have an inexplicable sound byte from Ms. S to ponder as well.
Desipolitan's rebuttal: really? You're going to wax poetic about your so-called Bollywood actress chops to a Hollywood reporter who will take you at face value not knowing any better? Girl, please. You are no more a Bollywood actress than you are a Hollywood actress. Boom!
Point of clarification: since when is singing a requirement for Bollywood actresses (Piggy Chops aside)? Hello, playback singers? If anything, our B-town gang are mostly excellent, top notch lip syncers, na?

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