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Star Fest.

At long last. A real star studded affair. The premiere for Mausam drew out some of our faves from the Bolly sphere. Conspicuously absent were all of the Khans (Saifeena being understandably so) and the Bachchan brigade. But I'm a glass half full kind of girl, so let's focus on the gang that was in attendance.

Paris in Mumbai.

No, I am not referring to a new pâtisserie hot spot in Mumbai (though that sounds delish right about now). I am in fact referring to the hotel heiress' whirlwind promotional tour of Mumbai in which she launched her eponymous line of handbags and accessories. Though it was a brief trip, Paris did make time to party with Queenie and friends.
Photos: getty, filmicafe, smitag/pinkvilla.

Sought After Actress, Brand Ambassador, Vogue Contributor.

Yep. You read that right! With a recent spate of big budget releases (Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Black Gold, and upcoming Immortals), Freida has amply proven that she is no one hit wonder. Her near-constant appearances in fashion glossies (in addition to her adverts for L'Oreal Paris) demonstrate that the fashion world tips its cap at her style sense. Her latest appearance in Vogue as a contributor? Well that just seals her awesomeness. Have a dekho!


I dislike everything about Deepika's look at a recent Tissot launch. Something about the asymetric sleeve coupled with the too-long hem results in an unbalanced look. With her gorge height, an above-the-knee hemline would have nicely offset the mono-sleeve. The mono-sleeve itself is a fail - to achieve a better look, a flowy single sleeve would have worked better. As it stands, it looks like poor DP was attacked backstage by a scissors-wielding rival. Add to that, her greasy, slicked back pony tail is doing nothing for her.
Photos: getty, filmicafe

Come Again?

Look who made a desippearance in the October issue of Allure. My as yet unanswered question of what exactly Ms. Sherwat is doing in Hollywood remains. However, now we have an inexplicable sound byte from Ms. S to ponder as well.
Desipolitan's rebuttal: really? You're going to wax poetic about your so-called Bollywood actress chops to a Hollywood reporter who will take you at face value not knowing any better? Girl, please. You are no more a Bollywood actress than you are a Hollywood actress. Boom!
Point of clarification: since when is singing a requirement for Bollywood actresses (Piggy Chops aside)? Hello, playback singers? If anything, our B-town gang are mostly excellent, top notch lip syncers, na?

AdWatch: Art Karat.

Art Karat, or as I like to call them, "Overpriced Knockoffs" introduced none other than Juhi as their brand ambassador. The hazy, soft focus style of these photos is quite flattering. Ju-ju looks lovely with her low key makeup and trademark ringlets.

My Favorite Color Combination. Ever.

Sonam trotted out yet another Anamika Khanna creation for Mausam promotions on India's Got Talent. I love love love the hot pink/orange combination. These two colors just belong together. Add to that, those pearl bangles and jhumkas - {swoon}. Looks like Anamika K has been styling Sonam for all of her Mausam promos. Sonam's smokey eye with winged liner paired nicely with pale pink lips and a light dusting of blush.
Photos: filmicafe

Desi Girl.

Akki recently tweeted a pic of Camilla sporting desi attire in a still from Breakaway. I love love love her eye brows - the frame her face in a bold way. No wispy brows for this girl!