Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why Didn't I Think of That?

The prices for Indian attire continue on an upswing. Each piece bought is really an investment. Unfortunately, for many of us, once worn at a cousin's engagement/friend's mehndi/[insert special event here], that gorgeous, statement suit is relegated to the back of our closets, not to see the light of day for some time (if ever). That's just the irony isn't it? The more of a "wow" item it is, the less easy it is to trot it out for a second appearance without all of your friends accosting you with veiled statements like "didn't you wear that to so-and-so's such-and-such?" Siiiiigh. What is a girl (or fashionable guy) to do?
Well the lovely people over at StylishDesi have just the answer we've all been looking for! It is an online marketplace expressly designed for buying or selling new and pre-owned Indian attire. You can check out all the details about how it works here. It's free to post items and they even have options for boutiques to create an online presence. So? What are you waiting for? Raid those closets, sell some fabulous pieces and then take that cash and buy buy buy! Your friends will be amazed at all your new desi outfits. Now you can wear a different and dramatic piece to Rinku's shaadi, Pinky's engagement and Motu's graduation! Man, will your friends be envious!

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