Wednesday, August 17, 2011

That's Not Going To Be Very Effective Is it?

I had one look at this promotional poster and I just couldn't resist. Have a dekho for yourselves at the Muscles from Mumbai himself, Sallu baba. I can't imagine that this bodyguard is going to get much benefit from a flak jacket ski vest when worn more than halfway unbuttoned. Here's how I imagine the convo went between Sallu and his director/brother-in-law, Atul Agnihotri.
Atul: we're going for a tough, "I can take a bullet" look hero shot. So you'll have to wear a full kevlar vest with the works.

Muscles from Mumbai: what?! Unacceptable. I want to wear shredded, acid wash jeans (2 sizes too small) and no shirt! Shirtlessness is kinda my MO. Anyway, kevlar is too restricting on my muscles.

Atul: Sallu, that is not going to work. If you refuse the heavy kevlar, how about you at least wear a light ski vest. You are playing a bodyguard after all. You can't very well be shirtless.

MfM: Arey, yaar. You drive a hard bargain. Fine. I will wear the vest on two conditions: 1) I go shirtless under it, and 2) I leave it unbuttoned.

Atul: How about you leave off 2 buttons and button the rest?

MfM: 3 buttons off. That's my final offer.

Atul: Fine. Just shoot the bloody poster.


shivani said...

LOLZ! (it is all true though, esp the 2 sizes too small jeans)

desipolitan said...