Friday, August 19, 2011

No, Honey. No.

The unfortunate younger sib of Kajol, aka Tanisha, was seen flouncing down the runway for Payal Kothari at Lakmé Fashion Week like a coquettish schoolgirl. It is a fashion show for a couture line. Not amateur night at a local college. Get it together woman. Or better yet, take a cue from the effortlessly chic Karishma who wasn't even walking the show.
Tanisha also lacked any real stage presence at the Swarovski Gems show where she walked for Archana Kochhar. Looks like Payal Kothari didn't do her homework; anyone who witnessed Tanisha at Archana Kochhar would have known better than to hire her for their subsequent show. She's clearly repeating to herself "smile and walk, smile and walk". Poor thing did get stuck in atrocious outfits at both events.
Photos: AP, getty.


PeachesandBlush said...

Yikes. Hate tht leg in the air pose. Very schoolgirlish!

desipolitan said...

Totally. It's a dumb pose to begin with, and that too on a fashion runway. I don't understand...