Friday, August 5, 2011

Model, Miss World, Actress, International Singing Sensation?

For her sake, let's hope! Via @priyankachopra, this interesting announcement (I know there were rumblings about LA meetings with music industry execs, etc):
OMG's finally happened.Big day for me guys... goin nuts!!Just signed a recording deal to release my debut International music album

I've signed a global recording deal with Universal Music Group (UMG)&Desi Hits!The album will be in English & will have a worldwide release.

Diversifying never hurts a Bollywood actor's portfolio. But an international, English album? Okaaaaaaay? What is her target demographic exactly?

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shivani (AOYV) said...

I have very little faith in this. lets hope I'm proven wrong. She always comes across as trying too hard for me.