Monday, August 22, 2011

Lakmé Fashion Week: People Watching Part I.

Feel free to openly gawk at the fugliness you are about to behold courtesy of LFW attendees. They run the gamut from the so very boring to the mind blowingly fugly. We'll start off with Amisha. Sorry, babe, but even Chanel can't class up your sparkly denim cut off skirt and ribbed tank combo. The bright blue eye liner is inexplicable.
Next up, Simone Singh attended the shows in a horribly ill-fitting satin shirt dress. Why oh why?!
Poonam Pandey (yes, her) at least covered up (barely) her lingerie this go around. I will grudgingly admit that I kinda dig her heels. A lot. But flattering the rest of her get up is not. Nor is it remotely appropriate for a couture show. Billy Bob's ho-down (get it?) maybe, but not LFW for god's sake.
Celina, I see you refuse my advice regarding the colored lenses. Anyway, there's something ill-fitting about CJ's tiered ruffle dress. And the choice of footwear is baffling.
The parade of fug continues; feel free to write in with a name if you want to assign blame where it belongs!
Channeling Minnie Mouse with that juvenile bow?
They must've stitched this dress right onto her. Yeesh.
Even aunties aren't spared here at desipolitan.

Why hello again!
Poor thing, her maxi dress shrunk in the wash.
Third appearance. Those wedges are the only thing working here.
Fourth and hopefully final appearance on the Fug List.
Is she going to work or to a fashion show? 
Wow. Double bad: visible bra straps and a dress made of crushed velvet.
Photos: filmicafe, getty.

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