Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lakmé Fashion Week: Manish Malhotra.

The much-hyped MM finale at LFW didn't disappoint. Let's see. We saw big hair, classic MM designs, even some strange other worldly embellishments.

Despite the rapturous twitterations of some (ahem, KJo), showstopper Bebo was a bit of a drag. The MUA (I refuse. Refuse, I tell you. To believe this is the work of Lakmé makeup expert Corey Walia) covered her near flawless skin with a heavy varnish of too light, too matte foundation. Haterade! I thought the smokey eye and winged eye liner on the other models was much much much preferable to Bebo's look. The design of her dress was true to MM tendencies and was over-sequined and over-ruffled. But it did look good onstage (in a custome-y way), and I suppose I'll concede that is the point.

Photos: anuja gupta, filmicafe, getty.

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