Friday, August 12, 2011

It Don't Matter If You're Black Or White...

Sorry if you now have MJ playing on repeat in your heads. My bad. I couldn't help it though after glancing at Deepika's sari at the Mumbai premiere of Aarakshan (or what remains of it following Prakash Jha's appropriate forced cuts). First off, I am pleased to see that Deepika abandoned that teased hair style that she's been sporting to all Aarakshan events. It's not like Soha where the style was not flattering, it was. It just got a tad boring after a couple of back-to-back appearances. Maybe the 'do was character-related. Who knows?
On to the sari. I love the black/white color combo and the mega-detailing at the neckline is absolutely gorge. Only thing that puzzles me is the full length sleeves on this blouse - it looks more like the sleeves of a long-sleeved tee. I've got nothing against full length sleeves - Sonakshi previously nailed this look. But something is wrong with the construction here. Plus, the long sleeves combined with a super short blouse make it appear disproportionate. If we could gain just a smidge of length on the blouse and lose a little on the sleeves, I think it'd be perfect. Photos: getty.

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