Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Spy @ Sabyasachi.

*Updated* As expected, Sabyasachi was a big draw for celebs attending LFW. I love love loved Sri's sari with it's extra wide zari border. Leave it to Sri to rock the scandalous sari blouse. "Age shmage!" she declares.
Shraddha's sari was a wee bit too rosey for my taste. And her fuschia clutch is just inexplicable. What palette was she trying to coordinate with?!
Although on the simpler side, I liked Sabya-muse, Vidya's creme/gold sari with its navy accents with her trademark three-quarter sleeve peach blouse peeking through. But I must say that she is doing the sari a disservice by piling the pallu carelessly over her shoulder. If she was tired of draping it over her arm, she should have taken the five minutes to pleat and properly pin it. A Sabyasachi creation deserves at least that much don't you think?
Arpita wowed in a bold, polka dot print. I'm beginning to think this lil' wallflower has significant style sense! And lookey lookey, she's even put on a spot of makeup. Is that eye shadow I see? A light dusting of blush too? She's looking great!
I'll end this post with an UFD. Whoever she is, I don't know why she thought this blue on blue monstrosity would be good to wear in public, let alone to LFW. Unidentified no more! This fugliness was brought to you by Gayatri Joshi. Thanks to eagle eyed Ma_Baker for the ID.
Photos: filmicafe.


ma_baker said...

I am missing your blog so so much! Please come back and write some more :)
This blue on blue monstrosity of course is Gayatri Joshi, of Swades fame.

desipolitan said...

Thank you for your kind comment and for the ID! I have been terrible lately, but I promise I'll have some new posts up shortly!