Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Spy @ LFW Finale.

The LFW Finale presented by Manish Malhotra promised to be a celeb studded affair, and it didn't disappoint! Neha was smoldering in curve hugging red. That necklace is to die for!
Amu had a cute vibe going on in her floaty blue number. It may teeter on the edge of looking like drapery, but I do think she wore it well. I guarantee this is one item MAK would never borrow from Amu's closet!
As for Karisma, well, it wasn't one of her best looks. I don't dig the rinse of her denim. Maybe if she had opted for wearing just the dress minus the skinnies, it would have worked better. But an off day for Karisma is still better than a good day for the Poonams and Divyas of the world.
Kat glowed in a floor length peaches-n-creme MM suit. The girl knows what colors are most flattering for her. I love!
Chitragandha rocked a MM creation that was the colorful opposite to Kat's suit. The vibrant sea foam and purple were nicely offset by low key gold heels. Good work, lady!
Fit and fab, Queenie apparently also laughs in the face of age. Undeniably, she looks amazing. But I would like to see her in something other than the short, tight numbers she's been favoring of late. Perhaps she could take a cue from Sridevi in terms of hemline and fit?
Kim Kardashian Sharma strikes again. While I don't personally love the leopard print, I think she looks good here minus the pouty face.
And that brings us to OMG-WTF-were-you-thinking Deepika. Seriously. Her outfit has me sounding like a tween texting furiously. If I keep looking at this photo I'll be ROFLMAO. Black shorts. Black tank top. Nude heels. That's it?! It's just so lacking in interest (and trust me, that necklace ain't doing it). This is not an outfit for sitting in the front row at the LFW Grand-freaking-Finale.
Did you just not care, DP? You had to realize that the MM show was going to attract all the who's who of B-town not to mention your so-called frenemies and other people of import. Did they fail to tell you that photogs would be in abundance? Or, did you mistakenly think you were walking in the show and thus thought you'd be changing into a MM design anyway so why bother dressing up? This can be the plausible only explanation for attire that so drastically deviates from DP's usual style.
Photos: filmicafe.

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