Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Filmi Forecast: Breakaway/Speedy Singh.

Let's chat a bit about the much ballyhooed (at least in any interview that Akki gives) so-called Hollywood venture by producer Akki. First off, the titles (plural) are stupid. I don't care for the Amrikan or the desi versions. On the poster - why oh why did you go and use that tired old pseudo-devanagri font style? Hideous.
This movie stars a random assortment of Hollywood has-beens and wanna-bes (Rob Lowe, Camilla Belle) as well as good ol'Anupam who we can always turn to for the role of the fatherly sardarji (it's almost as if he's reprising his role in Bend it Like Beckham). The film's biggest selling point in my opinion is that it includes Russel Peters in the cast. The guy really is hysterical (at least when's he's not recycling material over and over), but his acting chops are totally untested. Clearly he needs to work on how to pose for photos. The star of the movie is an unknown: Vinay Virmani. I don't know what this movie is about but I am guessing it is a hockey version of Bend it Like Beckham with a male lead. Also, I am told that producer Akki couldn't resist putting himself in the film as a cameo. I do not have high hopes for this venture and have zero desire to actually watch this movie.


shivani (AOYV) said...

I don't want to watch it either. If Akki really has some cash to spare, he could donate it to us bloggers. Blogging = not exactly a high paying job. LOL

desipolitan said...

Amen, sister!