Thursday, July 21, 2011

Worthy Cause, Unworthy Outfit.

La Dixit came out in support of the "Emeralds for Elephants" campaign in yet another unflattering design. This is highly irregular and disappointing given her usual standards. Once again, the problem lies in the bust area. The glittering cross-over style of the angrakha is pushing Mads toward a Divya Dutta/uniboob appearance. It seems even Mads is aware that this is not the most flattering design as she has added a black camisole which as we all know, is not helping much as far as improving the look. I really wish she'd break out of her creme/gold rut as well. I like to think I speak for many of you when I implore La Dixit to wear some bold colors.
On a positive note, the shimmering nude palette she used on her eyes really reminds of classic Mads. Love her makeup here, though her hair is looking a bit dated. To sum: keep your makeup artist, but hire a new stylist, and consider letting your hair person go as well.
Photos: getty, filmicafe.


Tanya VS said...

yeh..looks unflattering.
I really reading all your posts :)

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desipolitan said...

Thanks, Tanya! I will definitely check it out.