Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Upstaged Bride?

As fabulous as it must have been for Shefali to rub elbows with her mum's celeb clients, I wonder if she wasn't a bit miffed at all the attention they attracted on her big day. Despite her questionable attire, Mads hogged the limelight (not intentionally, of course) at Shefali's reception, and there is no question that the same happened when stunning Sush glided into the room at the mehndi. As with Mads, Sush has beauty and charisma oozing out of every pore (ha ha like my dermie reference?). I can't say enough how much I love the color (particularly all the pink) we've seen on Sush of late. Her suit at the mehndi was breezy yet elegant. And as if all eyes didn't focus on her right away, the pink dupatta definitely caught attention. Sush had neutral, low key makeup with kohl lined eyes (classic!), which paired nicely with her trademark shiny black hair. I love the gold and silver necklace she's sporting (can't quite tell if it is one necklace looped around, or two worn together). Only quibble: I like the flat sandal, but a dressier pair would have been better.
Though not quite in the same sphere as Sush, a couple of semi-famous and well dressed ladies rounded out the celeb quotient that mama Srilata rounded up for her beti's mehndi: Farah also kept hair/makeup low key as her saturated purple suit did all the talking. But since she is a jewelry designer herself, she added a fantastic pair of gold chandaliers but wisely limited her jewelry to the statement earrings.
Perhaps a colleague of Srilata's, Dr. Jamuna Pai was lovely in red. She opted for bold color and coordinating accessories but kept her makeup classic rather than matchy. Photos: wedding sutra, filmicafe.

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