Monday, July 11, 2011

Shaadi Story: Shefali Weds Abhishek.

Referred to by media outlets only as "Dr. Shefali" and "Dr. Abhishek" - I wondered what all the fuss was about. Usually celeb weddings are heralded with trumpeters and the like, but we always know who the bride and groom are (i.e. La Rai and Abhi baby). This go around, I was stumped. Who were Dr. S and Dr. A? And what about them drew several celebs to their wedding festivities? Well the answer, my dears, is not so much who they are, but who Shefali's mum is: evidently, she is renowned dermatologist Srilata Trasi who serves as dermie to the stars (she has 3 popular clinics in Mumbai located in Khar, Andheri and Dadar, in case anyone's interested). Hence the smattering of Bollytown's finest at the wedding of her daughter. Dr. Trasi's clients must love her - her web site made me chuckle as it invitingly states that with the help of Dr. Trasi, "aspiring models, airhostess[sic] ... established senior Bollywood ...personalities ... maintain and rejuvenate to their younger, fresher looks."

Anywho, now that little mystery is cleared up, here's the obligatory look at the newlweds (in case you hadn't figured out from the media's highly clever references, both are doctors): Shefali Trasi and Abhishek Nerurkar. Stealing the spotlight from Shefali was the lovely Sush at her mehndi (more on that later), and none other than the usually fabulous Mads at the reception. I say usually, because boy was I disappointed in her whole look. The feathered hair was boring teetering on sloppy, and that too light brown hair color is not doing her any favors. But the sari. God the sari. Awful. Blinged out and bleige (blah + beige). And that blouse is causing her to look a whole lot like Divya Dutta. Yes. It is that bad.

Also in attendance was Sonali Kulkarni. I couldn't find much wrong with Sonali's attire here (other than the fact that she rummaged in the back of her closet to dig out her oldest suit for the occasion), until I saw her choice of footwear. Flip flops. Are you freaking kidding me?! If this isn't a top-down disaster, I don't know what is. Horrendous.
Photos: filmicafe.

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