Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Night Out On the Town.

Geeta Basra nails the night out look perfectly. Dark denims with a floaty hot pink top and summery wedges is a recipe for perfection for a casual nighttime event. She was attending the Sahara Star Punjabi Food Festival and she looked just right (nothing spectacular, mind you, but totally spot on for this event).
Meanwhile, this Unidentified Fashion Disaster b-list starlet Deepshikha was also in attendance. Despite the fact that her dress looks like scraps taken from the curtains of a cheap pseudo-Hawaiian motel room, it isn't the most horrifying part of her look. I believe she is wearing some version of the ubiquitous fit flop at this event. First off, those things just look stupid. Secondly, they have no business at an event that is not a walkathon of some variety.
Photos: filmicafe.

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