Thursday, July 28, 2011

More Mads.

I feel certain La Dixit is up to something big, that an announcement should be forthcoming any day now judging by the spike in number of appearances she's been making of late (not to mention that Vogue cover - more on that later). While she has yet to make a step out of the creme color palette, I like her sari at the Valuable Group Virtual BMC School launch. I love the shimmery lavender and silver blouse and the delicate paisley embroidery on the sari. Her hair seemed a bit flat though. Some volume and maybe a darker shade would really do wonders IMHO.
Although not gaudy like some of her other saris, I did not like her sari at the Food Food media event as much. It is more of her favorite creme/gold color combo though infinitely better than this one. And, I will say that she cuts a smashing figure in the delicate drape! I do like her up do (minus the bangs). We need to get on the phone with Mads' stylist pronto and convince them to dress our fave screen diva in some color for a change!
Photos: filmicafe.


shivani (AOYV) said...

I really wish La Dixit (love that name!) would go for some La Sabyasachi sometime. Not a fan of her upper middle class aunty from a Delhi party look. She looks good, but like a lot of other rich women in India. Someone who has the money, not style.

desipolitan said...

OMG Shivani. It really is the "rich society lady" look isn't it? You nailed it! It's true what they say - you can't buy style!