Friday, July 15, 2011

Lesser of Two Evils?

Dia and Esha served as judges for the I Am She pageant. While both are beautiful women, the same cannot be said of their gowns. If I was forced to pick one, I'd grudgingly opt for Dia's because the color is classy and sophisticated and the actual cut is ok though I am not fond of the bodice work or the fact that yards of fabric appear to just collapse around her feet.
I pick Dia's because the sheen on Esha's gown is just unbearable. I just cannot handle it. I wonder if the pageant organizers had a stipulation that straps were a must for the judges because it looks like mesh panels were unartistically added to both gowns.
Photos: filmicafe.


Tanveer Parmar said...

I wonder how they both ended up wearing such similar gowns..

desipolitan said...

Me too. Maybe the pageant organizers selected their gowns? Still looking for snaps of Sush at the pageant.