Wednesday, July 13, 2011

La Rai Honored.

La Rai was in Delhi to receive the French government's Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters Award which I believe is something along the lines of the Padmashri which La Rai was awarded two years ago. After a moment of silence was observed for the victims of the serial blasts in Mumbai, La Rai requested that the ceremony be postponed out of respect to the victims. I think this was clearly the right move on Aishwarya's part and it demonstrates solidarity with her fellow Mumbaikars.
[In an effort to lighten the mood after what has been a very stressful 24 hours - particularly for those living in Mumbai, I will return to my usual mindless prattle. I hope you all won't mind, and please do not construe my silliness as somehow diminishing the enormity of today's tragedy].
Maybe it's the pregnancy, but La Rai was aglow at the ceremony. The gold and mustard yellow sari really played up that inner glow. Of late, I can't think of another actress who routinely wears one gorgeous silk sari after another. I certainly can't think of one who wears them as gracefully as Aishwarya. Her necklace is delicate yet envy-inducing! Her hair is event-appropriate - nothing special here. I like that her makeup focuses on rosy pink lips without her trademark smokey eye. It's more subdued certainly than her red carpet appearances, and that's just right for an award ceremony of this variety. I think perhaps her tailor cut the neckline of her blouse a little too low with the result that the shoulder appears to be ready to slip right off. But on the whole, it's another beautiful appearance by La Rai in traditional silks.
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