Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fugtacular Fug.

Y'all know I reserve this title for the truly heinous. So brace yourselves. Anyone wanna tell me what Divya Dwivedi was thinking at the audio release of Milta Hai Chance By Chance? Her dress (if you can call it that) is so completely ridiculous. It's more of a Dancing With the Stars costume gone bad. Even though it is absurdly tight-fitting, Divya suddenly felt a twinge of modesty by adding that panel at the bust. Uhhh. Too little too late? Moving on (if you can look away from the sequins and zebra print), she felt another twinge of modesty with - wait for it - biker shorts peeking out from that too-high slit.
What's that? There's more? There sure is. She also opted for too-dark nude tights. And now, for the piece de resistance: clunky ankle boots.
Photo: bollywood hungama.


ClassyandFabulous said...

WHY did you PUT this up!

desipolitan said...

lol, Classy. I should probably have put up a warning for anyone who had just eaten: "warning. the following disturbing images could cause you to lose your lunch."