Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rompers Are For Tykes.

[gasp]. I have no words. Well I didn't at first, but now I do, naturally. What the heck happened, Preeti?! Now before we all get carried away, I want to be clear: I am not (I repeat not) getting on Preeti's case for her weight gain. My goss bureau tells me that she and hubs Parvin Dabbas recently welcomed their first child - certainly congrats are in order. Understandably, it took a full nine months to put on that baby weight, so it will take at least that long to lose it; no pressure there as new mammas have quite a lot to deal with minus weight concerns! 

Returning to my message to Preeti: honey, your body is different now post-baby. You cannot flit about in silly little rompers and the like (frankly, you should really leave them to your bebe). There are ways to dress a postpartum body that are both chic and flattering. What you wore to the Sahi Dhande Galat Bande press conference, was neither. I can't imagine this look being flattering on anyone - post-preggers or not! It really looks ridiculous on anyone over the age of say seven. Why? Because unless you are a bean pole, the romper look messes with your proportions and makes you look top heavy. Like you're about to tip over at the gentlest breeze. Photos: filmicafe.


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omg.....whats with preeti ?

desipolitan said...

Right? I have no idea what's going on with her, but it is unreal.