Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Double Take.

NeNe appears to be experimenting with hair and makeup lately. At the record launch for the film From Gandhi to Hitler (no idea what that's all about but I am imagining a ridiculous musical extravaganza involving goose stepping and dhotis), she opted for the smokiest of smokey lids with heavily kohl lined eyes. Some might say it's too much, bordering on the raccoon-like even. I disagree. I think it is totally deliberate. Even stars have to rush out of the house sometimes, and it looks like NeNe didn't have time to blow out and style her hair - hence the slicked back hair with a rough dried pony tail. The hair is simple and effective in a pinch, and the mega eye makeup serves to distract from that simplicity. Do I think it was absolutely necessary? No. Did it hurt her look? I don't think so.
I think she had less success at a promotional event for Seagram's Blenders Pride Magical Nights fashion tour (booze + fashion = fun), her slightly sloppy up do was nothing magical. But the biggest issue here was the fact that her makeup looks like it is melting right off her face. As for the eye makeup, the smudged kohl and heavy mascara reliance lend credence to the melting makeup theory. A crisp, precise winged line would have anchored her look much better.
Photos: getty.

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