Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Celeb Spotting.

Delhi was abuzz with Delhi Couture Week so Manav Gangwani seized the opportunity to use the presence of the stars who flocked to the shows to launch his Delhi boutique. I love the color of Soha's dress but I feel that the flouncy fullness of the skirt doesn't do her any favors. The girl needs a crash course on how to dress a petite frame. Also, what is up with her center-parted bangs obsession? It seems like ever since that first movie of hers (way back when) that she has insisted on wearing her hair in this manner.
Raveena brought along hubby Anil Thadani. While Raveena looked smokin' hot (mercifully with a smoothed out hair style), Anil looked like he is in the throes of a brutal mid-life crisis. Start dressing your age, and leave the trendiness to your much younger hipster counterparts.
I sincerely hope that when Natasha and Lalla Khan found something cute at the boutique that they asked the clerk to cut the tags so they could change out of those ghastly dresses immediately. And speaking of hair styles, why did Natasha bother to wear a dress and heels if she was going to style her hair as if she was going to clean her house? Greasy pony tail? Check. Straggly hair coming out of pony tail? Check. Scrunchie? Check! Who in the world still buys scrunchies? I didn't know they were still made. Some '80s relics should stay there. Side note, Natasha, please make your husband cut his hair - it's hideous. Also, please tell him he is indoors so he doesn't need to worry about the harsh rays of the sun.
After Raveena, Farah Khan was the only celeb I spotted who bore some semblance to fashionable. She kept in cool and cas; love her pants and the loose top is a nice complement. I'm ambivalent about her handbag though - don't really dig the color and don't think it adds to her over all look.
Photos: samik sen.

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wow raveena tandon looks so damn nice!