Friday, July 22, 2011

Confusion Reigns.

What exactly was the dress code for Manyata's birthday party? Quick! Someone grab the invite and check because judging by these guests, it was quite unclear. Let's recap, shall we? We've got Sallu baba and Zarine in jeans and a tee (better add Fardeen in his ridiculous t-shirt to that group). Sallu baba seems to have ambled over directly from his Bodyguard promo work. Zarine and Fardeen, what's with the Disney theme??
Next we have the short cocktail dress camp (I think these ladies, minus Ameesha, got it right). I love the gradient of blue shades in Neha's one-shoulder sheath. Sophie's coral + gold pumps = hawt. Natasha looks cute as well; wish she could fix her hubby's style issues.
Samita's hot pink semi-maxi is quite cute. I say semi-maxi because it's a tad dressier than most maxi dresses tend to be. It may be a tad on the too dressy side, but I'll give it a pass just because I like it so much. Ha! Such is the power I wield.
Finally, we have Krishika Lulla in her full-on (totally ugly) floor length gown - wtf was she thinking?! It's not a premiere (not that I am suggesting she wear this monstrosity on the red carpet). It's a bloody birthday party.
And for a little perspective, here's what the birthday girl was wearing:
Since it is Friday, I saved the pièce de résistance for last. Get. A load. Of this. Sheeba in an unreal outfit better suited for a 20 year old club-hopper than on a middle aged has-been (can you be a has-been if you never "were"?). I don't know exactly how old Sheeba is, but the fact that I am questioning age appropriateness, means that she is def too old to be wearing this ridic outfit. Notice that she has carefully coordinated her nails to match the blue in her fugly dress. Man, she should go stand next to Zayed and try to blend in. And on that note, happy Friday, y'all!
Photos: filmicafe.

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