Wednesday, July 13, 2011

AdWatch: Sony Vaio.

A very colorful Bebo appears in the latest print ads for Sony's latest line of Vaio laptops. Clearly they are emphasizing the oh-so-cool faceplates for the laptop rather than technical or performance-related aspects of the machines. It's fine by me! Sometimes it really is form over function! Which of Bebo's avatars would motivate you to rush out and buy yourself a Vaio (you know, because you're easily suggestible like that)? They are shown here in order of my preference - from most liked to disliked. She looks downright fierce in some shots while others are stiff and posed.
Just for kicks, here are a couple of shots of Bebo at a press conference for the Vaio. What is it with the Kapoor girls and their love of acrylics? Other than the limp locks that really could use some volume, her makeup is standard Bebo style and I quite like the red dress on her. Only thing I would change is to swap those blue platforms for black. I find the blue distracts from the dress.
Photos: Zenny,, getty.

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