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More Mads.

I feel certain La Dixit is up to something big, that an announcement should be forthcoming any day now judging by the spike in number of appearances she's been making of late (not to mention that Vogue cover - more on that later). While she has yet to make a step out of the creme color palette, I like her sari at the Valuable Group Virtual BMC School launch. I love the shimmery lavender and silver blouse and the delicate paisley embroidery on the sari. Her hair seemed a bit flat though. Some volume and maybe a darker shade would really do wonders IMHO.
Although not gaudy like some of her other saris, I did not like her sari at the Food Food media event as much. It is more of her favorite creme/gold color combo though infinitely better than this one. And, I will say that she cuts a smashing figure in the delicate drape! I do like her up do (minus the bangs). We need to get on the phone with Mads' stylist pronto and convince them to dress our fave screen diva in some color for a …

Delhi Couture Week: People Watching Part II.

Behold the fugliness. As referenced before, I have a theory about the well-heeled (cash laden) society ladies who enjoy attending couture shows. Many make the mistake of dressing to attend the show as if they themselves are runway models. To these women, I beseech you: leave the wild and crazy sartorial experimentation to the actual designers. Your attendance at a fashion show is not a license to dress like a loon!

Photos: viral bhayani, filmicafe.

DCW: Adarsh Gill.

Next up in the DCW lineup: the stylings of Adarsh Gill. This romantic collection was characterized by the use of full sleeves on most pieces. It's different and in small doses, I quite like it!

Photos: ranjit kumar.

DCW: Anju Modi.

Let's kick-off my mashups of interesting looks displayed during DCW with Anju Modi's show. One of many involving a Bolly celeb as either show-starter/stopper, Ms. Modi's show relied upon Shraddha Kapoor for the honors. I know the fashion community is pretty divided on the use of filmi stars on the catwalks, but from an observer's standpoint, it adds fun (though as some say, the excitement over celeb spotting may well eclipse the fashions themselves). Ms. Modi's collection was a straightforward presentation of gorgeous lehngas relying mostly on a neutral palette accented here and there by bold color. Have a look!

Photos: ranjit kumar.

Delhi Couture Week: People Watching Part I.

Aside from the obvious fun of watching runway models strut down the catwalk wearing your favorite designers' newest looks, I find it equally entertaining to observe the fashion (or lack thereof) of attendees. Now to be sure, we are guaranteed some fun people watching as fashion show attendees are by definition monied classes. This means they a) have impeccable fashion sense, or b) have abyssmal fasion sense made worse by the ability to spend gobs of money on horrendous attire. From my casual perusal of four days worth of wannabe celebs mugging for the photogs at DCW, here are those I felt came out looking pretty darn good.
Disclaimer: the inclusion of individuals here does not mean I love or endorse their fashion choices; it simply means they look good. Plain and simple. You'll notice there's a lot of black involved here. When you see my next post about the fugos in attendance at DCW, you will greatly appreciate this low key lot! I promise. Photos: viral bhayani, filmicafe.

Weird Sisters.

Update: it's Shehnaz Hussain and her sister (thanks, ClassyandFabulous and AdorableOnYourVanity).I have no idea who these women are, but get a load of that hair. It's huge. And that red shade is so ... unnatural. They must look at each other and reinforce how amazing their hair looks. Can you imagine how many shots of delusion it takes for them to be prepared to leave the house (and that too, to attend a couture show) with such enormous, frizzy, triangular hair? It is the epitome of over-processed!
Photo: viral bhayani

Summer Celeb Spotting.

Delhi was abuzz with Delhi Couture Week so Manav Gangwani seized the opportunity to use the presence of the stars who flocked to the shows to launch his Delhi boutique. I love the color of Soha's dress but I feel that the flouncy fullness of the skirt doesn't do her any favors. The girl needs a crash course on how to dress a petite frame. Also, what is up with her center-parted bangs obsession? It seems like ever since that first movie of hers (way back when) that she has insisted on wearing her hair in this manner.
Raveena brought along hubby Anil Thadani. While Raveena looked smokin' hot (mercifully with a smoothed out hair style), Anil looked like he is in the throes of a brutal mid-life crisis. Start dressing your age, and leave the trendiness to your much younger hipster counterparts.
I sincerely hope that when Natasha and Lalla Khan found something cute at the boutique that they asked the clerk to cut the tags so they could change out of those ghastly dresses immediate…

AB Senior Wins This Round.

While promoting Aarakshan on the tv show Publicity Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega (anyone else note the irony here?), I must say that AB Sr. outshined his loveliest costar, Deepika P. "How?" you ask. He was comfy in a khaki suit with his white loafers whereas she wore a too-snug, wrinkled dress.
It may just be my own personal Kate-mania talking, but I feel like she was attempting to channel the Duchess of Cambridge. The style of the dress remind me of a combination of the famous(ly sold out) Reiss Shola dress worn by the Duchess at her first royal appointment (meeting the Obamas) and the Joseph dress (hat tip: whatkatewore) she recently wore to tour the exhibition of her wedding dress at Buckingham Palace.
I think Deepika could've nailed the look if only she'd gone up a size; the fabric shouldn't visibly tug!
Photos: reuters, getty.