Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Do My Eyes Deceive Me?!

Check the weather channel, dahlings! I do believe hell has frozen over. Why the southern belle inspired melodrama? Well, first, it's Wednesday and a little melodrama helps me get through the day. And second, check this out:
I know. I know. At first I too thought there was a Mallika S. lookalike running amok on the IIFA red carpet. But no. It's the real deal. Hard to believe isn't it. Well, it's far too soon to hope that she has truly turned the sartorial corner into good style sense, but let's hope. While the sari itself is a complete snoozefest, I am going to completely disregard that and just cheer for the fact that Mallika S. actually looks decent for a change! She even opted against an Ameesha-style bra in favor of a real blouse. Huzzah!
Photos: reuters.

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