Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cutting Edge? Hardly.

Make that more like the cutting room floor. At least that's where I think these gowns should have been. Instead, MAK and Genelia sported these aggressively embellished nude colored gowns on the IIFA green carpet. Neither one worked, but for markedly different reasons. While I applaud MAK for stepping away from her go-to micro mini look, this skin-tight slasher gown just had me raising an eyebrow. No doubt she can carry it off, but then again, she'd probably look fab in a burlap sack as well.
Genelia, on the other hand, seems to be making strong efforts to cement her own fashionista status alongside the likes of Sonam. I totally buy it but this gown is just not working. Again, she herself looks lovely but the designer just had a little too much fun playing with what resembles drapery panels. In conclusion, good effort to both and better luck next time!
Photos: reuters.

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