Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cannes Revisited.

Given the news of her growing bump, several of La Rai's choices this year at Cannes make a lot of sense. Cue the embellished waistlines, geometric cuts, color blocking, peplum ... all, sartorial camo designed to distract the eye! With the exception of her attire at the photo call where I thought the drab olive really washed out her pale complexion, I thought her gowns were fab-u - pregnant or not! I like the wispy hair and pale makeup she paired with her sparkly Elie Saab. It's a nice departure from her sleek hair/smokey eye habit. The peplum on the fitted blouse is not my favorite, but honey, do I understand the need for a woman in the early stages of pregnancy! It is an effective way to not only offset the fitted nature of the rest of the gown, but it also hides the early pregnancy pooch which will soon transform into a glorious bump, with the added benefit of allowing its wearer the ability to comfortably breathe!The sharp lines of La Rai's white/navy blue gown were a total 180 from her previous gown. I love that she took risks this go around and really changed things up with every outing rather than sticking to one style or cut. This particular gown really called for avant garde makeup and hair. This is the only category where I felt her styling was weak - the hair just looks messy and like Sonam, I am not sure the gold shadow smudged under her eyes does anything for her look. But to reiterate, this post is to laude La Rai for her stamina and amazing style all while preggers! It's certainly not easy to do though La Rai makes it seem effortless. Photos: getty.

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