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Mid-Life Crisis?

Ruh-roh. It's about that time. SRK is SRK, but even he isn't immune to the dangers and pitfalls of age! Case in point: the wildly youthful 'do he sported at IIFA. Now, he is still loaded with plenty of panache so he can probably pull this off for a while, but I just want to warn him that there is very little distance between the goofy uncle who acts young and this guy. Age can sneak up on anyone, but when you are as famous as SRK the results can be that much more disastrous! For now, SRK, please repeat after me: "I solemnly swear that I will not (not ever) request frosted tips." Photo: reuters.

Cutting Edge? Hardly.

Make that more like the cutting room floor. At least that's where I think these gowns should have been. Instead, MAK and Genelia sported these aggressively embellished nude colored gowns on the IIFA green carpet. Neither one worked, but for markedly different reasons. While I applaud MAK for stepping away from her go-to micro mini look, this skin-tight slasher gown just had me raising an eyebrow. No doubt she can carry it off, but then again, she'd probably look fab in a burlap sack as well. Genelia, on the other hand, seems to be making strong efforts to cement her own fashionista status alongside the likes of Sonam. I totally buy it but this gown is just not working. Again, she herself looks lovely but the designer just had a little too much fun playing with what resembles drapery panels. In conclusion, good effort to both and better luck next time! Photos: reuters.

Do My Eyes Deceive Me?!

Check the weather channel, dahlings! I do believe hell has frozen over. Why the southern belle inspired melodrama? Well, first, it's Wednesday and a little melodrama helps me get through the day. And second, check this out: I know. I know. At first I too thought there was a Mallika S. lookalike running amok on the IIFA red carpet. But no. It's the real deal. Hard to believe isn't it. Well, it's far too soon to hope that she has truly turned the sartorial corner into good style sense, but let's hope. While the sari itself is a complete snoozefest, I am going to completely disregard that and just cheer for the fact that Mallika S. actually looks decent for a change! She even opted against an Ameesha-style bra in favor of a real blouse. Huzzah! Photos: reuters.

Sequin Good, and Sequin Bad.

It's the Indian film industry's annual self-love fest! That's right: it's IIFA time. This year, the festivities took place in Toronto, and the usual who's who of Bollywood were in attendance. I'm assuming due to Aishwarya's pregnancy, the Bachchan clan was noticeably absent. Shilpa S. made a splashy reappearance on a filmi red carpet in her sequined number. She chose a splash of hot pink to accessorize all that black. And to prove what a seasoned vet she is of the red carpet, there's a lot going on with that spangled necklace, so she wisely skipped the earrings. Love the loose waves, love the smokey eye, and love that final pop of pink: bubblegum for the lips!
Update: how badass is she? Homegirl boogied on stage in this gown! Talk about oozing confidence. It may sound cliche, but it really is the best accessory, na?  On the flip side, celebspawn Sonakshi, showed up in a disco ball look that just fell flat. I think it really comes down to those 3/4 sleeves…

Lady in Red.

The Pompadoured One (looking quite dapper) escorted Hillary Swank down the IIFA green carpet. "Why was she there?" you ask. No idea. The selection of Hollywood representatives is always as random as this (remember Jean Claude Van Dam? John Travolta?). Anyway, she looked lovely in her bold red gown. I think the neckline really complements the train. I'm usually not a fan of red - particularly so much of it - but I am loving this gown! BTW, do ya think SRK and Hillary planned to coordinate??

Photos: reuters, getty.
Update:Cuba Gooding Jr.was also in attendance. Evidently, he would "like to be a part of Bollywood movies." We here at desipolitan, would love to see that!

Sari Stunners.

With every Bolly-town red carpet, we can be assured of spotting some fabulous saris. I'm loving the sapphire and white combination of Piggy Chops' lehnga style sari (though she's losing me on the draping). The jeweled tone really pops against the white.I wish Sonakshi would take a lesson from Anushka. As a newcomer without a Sonamesque style quotient in place, go traditional until you figure out your own style. It works a helluva lot better than the hodge-podge looks Sonakshi keeps sporting. Photos: reuters.

Cannes Revisited.

Given the news of her growing bump, several of La Rai's choices this year at Cannes make a lot of sense. Cue the embellished waistlines, geometric cuts, color blocking, peplum ... all, sartorial camo designed to distract the eye! With the exception of her attire at the photo call where I thought the drab olive really washed out her pale complexion, I thought her gowns were fab-u - pregnant or not! I like the wispy hair and pale makeup she paired with her sparkly Elie Saab. It's a nice departure from her sleek hair/smokey eye habit. The peplum on the fitted blouse is not my favorite, but honey, do I understand the need for a woman in the early stages of pregnancy! It is an effective way to not only offset the fitted nature of the rest of the gown, but it also hides the early pregnancy pooch which will soon transform into a glorious bump, with the added benefit of allowing its wearer the ability to comfortably breathe!The sharp lines of La Rai's white/navy blue gown were a t…

Hooray! There Is a Baby B On the Way!

Is she or isn't she? Any time La Rai has appeared in a dress that was not entirely flattering, rumors of her pregnancy swirled. Well now, thanks to AB Sr., we have confirmation via this tweet:
"NEWS NEWS NEWS !! I AM GOING TO BECOME A GRANDFATHER .. AISHWARYA EXPECTING .. SO HAPPY AND THRILLED !!!I'm not entirely sure how they feel about AB Sr. stealing their proverbial thunder on the greatest announcement of their lives, however I think I echo the sentiments of many in wishing Abhi baby and La Rai all the very best for a safe and healthy pregnancy. Update: Baby B coming in November.

DiorShow Mascara.

Yeesh. We truly haven't had one of these posts in a while! My MM backlog is enormous. Well, the best thing to do in such cases is to jump right in so here goes!

I have been a DiorShow Black Out devotee for the last three years courtesy of kid sis, Desitini. Black Out volumizes, lengthens and defines lashes beautifully. I have loved everything about this mascara except for what a pain it is to remove at night. You'd think I was complaining of their waterproof formula, but for daily use I use the non-waterproof and it is still such a pain. So I got to wondering. DiorShow mascara has always been a cult classic, what differentiates it from Black Out? [I should mention here that both mascaras retail at the same price point: USD 24.50]. Well the answer, my dears is that Black Out has kohl pigments added to it to create an "extreme-black" (their words not mine) look. Now if you have black lashes as I do, turns out, that's not such a huge selling point. DiorShow has a fa…

Couture Meets a Worthy Cause.

Manish Malhotra teamed up with Shaina NC to host a joint fashion show to raise funds for cancer patients in Mumbai. Here's a mashup of some of my favorite looks from the event. Of course no mashup would be complete without a couple of duds - poor Sameer Dattani looks like a cater waiter at the Taj Land's End who accidentally stumbled onto the runway. And Divya D. was a tinseled mess - though it's not really her fault since she didn't dress herself for this show. The blinged out sari sari is excessively bunchy and doesn't flatter her shape at all. Side note: isn't Shama Sikandar a dead ringer for Piggy Chops here? I think it's the Dostana-style sari and hair. Photos: getty.

1 Rani 2 Ways.

Rani has really pulled out some exquisite saris in her recent appearances. She chose a tomato red color (love the gold and pink border!) for the Mafia Queens book launch and a pale gold and white for the Dadasaheb Phalke Awards. IMHO, while the pale gold look was certainly pretty, the bold red wins hands down!
Photos: getty.

Vast Improvement.

Amrita R. would easily win a Most Improved award for the stylistic leaps she has taken over the last year. Look how fashionable she looks at a promo for Love U Mr. Kalakaara. Although I can't pass judgement on her footwear from this snap, I will say that the color block look is very classy for a daytime event. Mercifully, her tresses have been returned to a shiny, deep, monochromatic hue! Photo: getty.

YBTJ: Embellished Sari Edition.

At the premiere of Marathi film "Bal Gandharva," Mughda and Vidya opted for similarly embellished saris. Beyond the embellishment, the saris couldn't be more different. It's a close call, but I'm going with Vidya on this one because the color palette of her sari really belongs together. I like Mughda's sari as well, but I feel the border clashes with the cool blue tone of the rest of the sari. I like that both opted for full loose waves with mega-volume - it's a welcome change from the typical straight, sleek locks sported by starlets at these events. Photos: getty.

Java Addict?

Manjari was a sloppy, wrinkled mess at the launch of "Exhibition" magazine. The style of the dress could be flattering, but the color does zero for her complexion. Also, a note to the wise: if you are going with a bold, red lip - make certain your teeth are white! Nothing highlights yellow teeth like red lips! Photo: getty.

Off to the Races!

Well summer's officially here, and what better way for the well-heeled to spend their leisure time then to hit the race course? In this case, it was more work than play for La Rai as she was representing Longines, however here she is at the Prix de Diane in Chantilly, France. I am glad that she didn't shy away from the oversize topper, and I am happy to see what appears to be a shoulder-grazing hair cut. That said, other than the peach color, I didn't care much at all for her grandmotherly ensemble complete with frills and ruffles. It is boring. A smart, tailored look would have been far better. I know I've said it before, but she could really take a cue from the Duchess of Cambridge for fashionable attire suitable for formal, daytime events. Don't believe me? Here's a look at the Duchess' impeccable attire at the Epsom Derby (Prince Wills makes an excellent accessory dontcha think?). And one more for good measure: the lovely DofC at the Order of the Garter…

Poor Jalebi.

I am not referring to Mallika with that title. I am referring to the poor actual jalebi. I think Mallika is seriously losing it, people. She seems to have taken her self-appointed siren status so far that she can no longer restrain herself and must play the wannabe bombshell in all circumstances no matter how ridiculous. Perhaps we need to rally or hold an intervention to convince Ms. Sherawat that less vamping would possibly benefit her career such as it was. Anyway, leave it to Mallika to pose provocatively with ... a jalebi. Yes. That is right. Here she is skanking up that most delicious fried dessert at a "Double Dhamaal" promotional event. I laugh as I write this, but it is not even the strangest thing she has vamped up - remember the python? Fruit? Either she's gone batty or the poor girl never learned any other way to pose. Photo: getty.

Flip Flop.

It looks like the newlyweds have flip flopped in their sartorial sense. At the 10th anniversary bash for Aamir Khan Productions, Avantika was swimming in her shapeless black dress while Imran's pants (errr capris) could use length in a big way. Photo: getty.

It's Cannestastic!

Actress Sarah Ann Schultz ("Who?" you ask) strutted her stuff on the red carpet at the premiere of "Bollywood - the Greatest Love Story Ever Told" (rather lofty title, dontcha think?) at Cannes. While Ms. Schultz's star power is questionable, her loveliness is undeniable. Her looks remind me of Gwynie Paltrow when she had gone brunette, and her styling is very Sonam Kapoor. By the way, the film in question is a Shekar Kapur production that was screened out of competition at the Festival. I love her '20s style perfectly set waves. Her carefully chosen accessories are complimentary and not overpowering to the elegance of her sari-inspired gown. Speaking of Bollywood's resident fashionista, Sonam made her Cannes debut in spectacular style. In a fantastical Jean Paul Gaultier organza explosion, Sonam showed everyone why she rightfully holds that title. I love her soft, romantic curls pinned up in a delicate up-do. The only thing I'd change would be to s…