Monday, April 4, 2011

Family Feud.

This one pits Amu and Shakeel versus MAK and Arbaaz. Attending a polo match at Mahalakshmi Race Course, who do you think captures the right look for a polo match? Now, the men totally cancel one another out. I mean perhaps Shakeel is a smidge better because he's at least tucked in his shirt. However, even he looks more suited to a night out rather than a day event at a race course. As far as the ladies go, I'm going to side with Amu on this one! MAK is just too va va voom for a polo match. However, IMHO, both could take a cue from the ever-fashionable Kate Middleton on how to dress for a polo match. Dark denims paired with espadrille wedges, a floaty top and fitted jacket create a casual ensemble that is at once comfortable enough for an outdoor match yet does not sacrifice on stylishness.Photos: prashant jadhav.David Hartley/REX

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