Friday, March 25, 2011

"What the What?!"

... I declare, in the words of my personal heroine, Liz Lemon. God I hope SRK is prepping for a role here. What else could explain the hideosity that is his hair. Either he is prepping to play a greasy, hairy, bandanaed vagabond (perhaps a Jagdish Sparrow?), or assistant 1 forgot to tell him he was scheduled to speak at the release of a documentary and thus he totally forgot to have assistant 2 wash his hair, and assistants 3-7 style it. What a mess. Now, Aamir on the other hand, tends to treat his follicles as an integral part of his acting process when he takes on a new role. That mooch must be for a new period drama where he plays an angry revolutionary of some sort. Photos: getty.

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ClassyandFabulous said...

HAhahha jadish sparrow!!
DO not give them iddeeeaaass!