Monday, March 28, 2011

Less Is More.

Now I know, MAK has been one to abuse this adage from time to time....ok all the time. But you gotta hand it to the lady - she's is fabulous shape! This is one event where the "less is more" mentality actually paid off in spades for MAK. Although as per usual, her hemline couldn't possibly be shorter, her attire (albeit skimpy) was more event appropriate than Grannie Rai's. Apparently, Grannie was laboring under the incorrect assumption that she was attending the AARP's "Fun and Fearless Geriatric Awards" rather than Cosmo's "Fun and Fearless Female Awards". Head-to-toe black in mismatched shades with the most unflattering baggy pants, a boring blouse, black close-toe shoes and a black clutch is not worthy of the lovely Aishwarya. Oh, the horrors. Worn properly, all black can be downright sexy (think Sushmita). It's just that the way La Rai's got it, it's downright ghastly. Photos: getty.


ClassyandFabulous said...

Grannie is mourning the death of "taste" in her life

desipolitan said...

lol, Classy. She looks like she's in mourning for sure.