Monday, March 28, 2011

Hit and Miss.

As promised, let the wedding guest snarkery commence! Let's start with the bad so we can end positively with the good. Overall, I dislike Mads' chudidaar kurta. There. I said it. The kurta and odhni don't really complement the shade of the chudidaar which is a shame because that color is really pretty. All that silver beaded neck work is just plain distracting. Her choice of silver sandals and tomato red toes are a jarring mistake. And finally, her foundation shade and consistency seem to be off and her hair is just a total pffft. Sadness. Next up, Juhi. I am not a fan of her look at all - nothing about it works. The embroidered panels on her kurta too-closely resemble pillow cushions. Apart from that, the colors are a mish mash (let's see, there's white and black, gold, hot pink, and red-pink), and the style of the outfit screams '80s. Also, sheer chudidaars are fine, but I feel these are a little too sheer? Amisha, as always, is inappropriately dressed for the formality of the function she is attending. Her tight-fitting ... what (calling it a gown would lend the attire more elegance than it deserves) would have been more suitable for the Cosmo Awards. Deepika's pale pink chikan suit is a tad underwhelming. But I must say that her hair and makeup are flawless. Now for the hits! Piggy Chops nailed the chudidaar kurta look. I like her elegant odhni drape. She looks phenomenal and I am loving those ruby drop earrings - nice touch! Genelia really works that bold red sari by wisely pairing it with low key accessories and makeup. Absolutely smashing! Photos: bollywoodhungama

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