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The Inverse is Also True.

Remember how I said that good style sense is hereditary? Well it turns out, the inverse is also true. This theorem is demonstrated by Soha and her mum. While Madam S is classic in her gold sari with statement necklace, daugher dearest is a fashion flub punctuated by denims that are too short to be jeans yet not quite short enough to be capris. The resultant look? I like to call it "oops I shrunk my jeans in the laundry". Photo: bollywoodhungama.

Chalo India!

India faced Pakistan in the ICC Cricket World Cup semi-finals today. I think you all know the result - big win for the Men in Blue! Next up: the FINAL in Mumbai versus co-hosts, Sri Lanka. Do it, India! "De ghuma ke," phir se!!

In keeping with the theme of this post, here are a few B-town celebs on hand in Mohali to cheer on Team India. I admire Preity's patriotic style! Check out her tiranga-ed bangles! Wish Aamir could've taken a tip - that little flag sticker is miniscule, yaar.Photos: getty.

YBTJ: Couple Edition.

This one's a no-brainer. Although Raj needs to bust out of his '90s Sallu fashion rut, Shilpa makes 'em look chic at Suzanne Roshan's design store launch. I love Shilpa's dusky teal sheath. On the other hand, Natasha and Fardeen are quite disastrous at the Furniturewalla showroom launch. Are you guys actually wearing the upholstery? Hideous. Photos: getty.

Not for the Timid.

On the sets of "Guinness World Records - Ab India Todega," PZ was ever-bubbly and cute, and her long kurta was pretty enough. But I just don't understand her decision to pair it with denims. A knee-length or shorter hem as opposed to practically floor length would work so much better for your average kurta/denims look. But maybe that's just it. PZ is anything but "run of the mill" so I suppose this could be a style risk the adventurous PZ opted to take. I do applaud her for inventiveness and I acknowledge that being a fashionista is not for the timid, but I'm still not convinced that the risk works here.
Photo: getty, bollywoodhungama.

Hit and Miss.

As promised, let the wedding guest snarkery commence! Let's start with the bad so we can end positively with the good. Overall, I dislike Mads' chudidaar kurta. There. I said it. The kurta and odhni don't really complement the shade of the chudidaar which is a shame because that color is really pretty. All that silver beaded neck work is just plain distracting. Her choice of silver sandals and tomato red toes are a jarring mistake. And finally, her foundation shade and consistency seem to be off and her hair is just a total pffft. Sadness. Next up, Juhi. I am not a fan of her look at all - nothing about it works. The embroidered panels on her kurta too-closely resemble pillow cushions. Apart from that, the colors are a mish mash (let's see, there's white and black, gold, hot pink, and red-pink), and the style of the outfit screams '80s. Also, sheer chudidaars are fine, but I feel these are a little too sheer? Amisha, as always, is inappropriately dressed for th…

Less Is More.

Now I know, MAK has been one to abuse this adage from time to time....ok all the time. But you gotta hand it to the lady - she's is fabulous shape! This is one event where the "less is more" mentality actually paid off in spades for MAK. Although as per usual, her hemline couldn't possibly be shorter, her attire (albeit skimpy) was more event appropriate than Grannie Rai's. Apparently, Grannie was laboring under the incorrect assumption that she was attending the AARP's "Fun and Fearless Geriatric Awards" rather than Cosmo's "Fun and Fearless Female Awards". Head-to-toe black in mismatched shades with the most unflattering baggy pants, a boring blouse, black close-toe shoes and a black clutch is not worthy of the lovely Aishwarya. Oh, the horrors. Worn properly, all black can be downright sexy (think Sushmita). It's just that the way La Rai's got it, it's downright ghastly. Photos: getty.

Nekid Couture?

I didn't realize LFW had a lingerie component. Wot's that? It didn't? Then someone please explain this Arpan Vohra creation to me. Resort wear it is not! Photo: getty.

Shaadi Story: Avantika weds Imran.

Sorry ladies, he's officially off the market! Uncle Aamir and Auntie Kiran graciously hosted a reception for the duo at their residence, followed by a par-tay at the Taj Land's End. Reportedly, the festivities don't end there; Phuket is the rumored destination for close family and friends for a several-days-long continued celebration. Cheers to Avantika and Imran for a long and happy life together. You all know what a Tinseltown shaadi means here at desipolitan: lots of dish on who wore what! Stay tuned.
Photos: missmalini, bollywoodhungama

So Many Beautiful People in One Place.

I am referring of course to the FICCI Frames awards show that brought together SRK, La Rai, Vidya Balan and ... wait for it, Hugh Jackman! Hotty, hot hot! Swoon. An opportunity to bust a move with SRK and HUGH JACKMAN?! Vids, you are one lucky lady. Sari-wise, I love the vibrant green of Vidya's - along with her modest low bun and minimalist makeup, it's a traditional look over all, but check out the back of her blouse! It's traditional yes, but certainly fashionable (unsurprisingly, she is a Sabyasachi brand ambassador after all). La Rai opted for another one of her sheer, pastel numbers with the blingy embroidery. Yawn.Photos: getty.


Perhaps the folks over at Provogue ought to seriously reconsider naming Sonakshi as their brand ambassador. After all, one look at her attire here and all I can think is: (1) wow, way to shamelessly pilfer Bollywood resident fashion plate Sonam Kapoor's individual style (it ain't working, girl), and (2) holy camel toe, Batman! I think these thoughts in no particular order, mind you. Gah. Photo: bollywoodhungama.

Bang Bang.

Oh. My. Gawd. Who told Urmi to bring back those early '90s poofy bangs? They should have died in the '90s, never ever to be brought back. Ever. Photo: getty.


I think it is completely understandable that the majority of actors attend the Oscars for the sake of promoting themselves, their movies or just plain ol' face recognition. It's a simple PR tactic really. But I have to say, I don't quite understand why La Rai was floating down the red carpet at the Oscars this year. Honestly, I didn't even know she was there - I didn't even see her lurking in the background as E! interviewed Hollywood celebs. Having been in an Oscar-winning film, and with a slew of international projects in production, I totally get why Freida Pinto would attend the Oscars. She has established her mark on the West and has done an admirable job keeping her name alive with stratgeic magazine shoots, party apperances and the like. Freida has successfully avoided a total fadeout after the Slumdog mania died down. On the other hand, La Rai made a dull thud in Hollywood with the Pink Panther 2 (a film that is languishing in my NetFlix queue), and then al…

Doo doo doodoodoodooo

I can hear the circus music. Now where is the big top? Oh there it is! It's actually serving a dual purpose as circus tent and Yuvika C's ill-advised skirt at LFW. Photo: getty.

C'mon, G-money!

I'm not one to speculate about whether/not stars have had work done since it's generally understood that due to pressures to look youthful, most of them, have had something nipped or tucked at some point. However, I do feel compelled to speak when the work is just unaesthetic as in Parmi G., or just incredibly obvious. Govinda, poor simple Govinda, would have to fall into the latter category. Firstly, there is an age controversy where his birthdate is either listed as 1960 or '64. Either way he's in his late forties for sure. Add to that the visual proof we have from Imran Khan's wedding. G-money, if that is your daughter Narmada posing next to you, then your skin's looking oddly taut and wrinkle free considering you are the baap of a 20 year old. Speaking of whom, check out her talons - err - I mean, nails. Photo: getty.

It's About Damn Time.

Many things have changed in the interval of my absence from the blogosphere. But, Lord Almighty, the biggest one has got to be this! The beautiful Mehr has finally, finally abandoned her black potato sack habit in favor of some vibrant, fitted color! Hallelujah! Photo: getty.

"What the What?!"

... I declare, in the words of my personal heroine, Liz Lemon. God I hope SRK is prepping for a role here. What else could explain the hideosity that is his hair. Either he is prepping to play a greasy, hairy, bandanaed vagabond (perhaps a Jagdish Sparrow?), or assistant 1 forgot to tell him he was scheduled to speak at the release of a documentary and thus he totally forgot to have assistant 2 wash his hair, and assistants 3-7 style it. What a mess. Now, Aamir on the other hand, tends to treat his follicles as an integral part of his acting process when he takes on a new role. That mooch must be for a new period drama where he plays an angry revolutionary of some sort. Photos: getty.


Though it kills me to say it, in the interest of fairness, I must. Mads looks totally overdone at the Stardust Awards. Pancake makeup, wispy *short* bangs, and garish sari. It's all, a bit, much. Sigh. Photo: getty.


Style sense is hereditary. Check out Twinkle and her momma Dimple at Sussanne Roshan's store launch. Both. Impeccable. Photo: getty.

Return to the Blogosphere.

"Jab life ho out of control honthon ko kar ke gol
Honthon ko kar ke gol seeti baja ke bol
Life ho out of control honthon ko kar ke gol
Honthon ko kar ke gol seeti baja ke bol
Aal izz well!"

And with that, I'm back, baby!