Monday, November 1, 2010


The Alva-Oberoi nuptials brought out this parade of unkempt greasiness: Fardeen, Ritesh and Jackie. It's a wedding and yet these jokers look like last call at the neighborhood pub. Around 4 a.m. Yuck.What I would suggest, is that each of them take a visit to the barber for a nice wash and cut. Fardeen, there is nothing worse than a dingy-looking creme colored suit at a formal event like a wedding. And Jackie, please lose that bandana. If you think it's hiding those frosted tips from public ridicule, it isn't. Go ahead and have that mid-life crisis the traditional way: buy a sports car or something! I really wish these guys would have taken a cue from Akki, who even though sans-fashion plate wifey, was quite charming at the reception. Photos: getty.

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