Monday, November 29, 2010

Which of These Things Doesn't Belong?

Normally I am all about pairing pieces of Indian jewelry with western evening wear. I mean how else is a girl to get good mileage out of statement jewelry? However, this is not to say that the look is infallible or that it can't be worn improperly. As Deepika P. demonstrated at the Hello! magazine hall of fame event, a jaw-dropping jadau necklace actually looks totally out of place with a short, tent-like cocktail dress. The dress itself is totally and completely below average. C'mon DP. We know you can do better! To that, the pairing of such a beautiful kundan necklace is just wrong. This neklace would have looked infinitely better paired with the fluid drape of a long, grecian-inspired gown a la Sonam.
Photos: filmicafe.

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