Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Love the 'Tude!

La Rai provides a surprisingly candid interview in the October issue of Hi!. I suppose surprising is rather unfair. But it seems that La Rai's practiced even keel in interviews has resulted in an impression that she may be unwilling to divulge how she really feels or to speak her mind. Given her obvious good looks, she has often been plagued with the assumption that there's just not much more to her than her beauty. In this spread, she's been styled by Sabyasachi Mukherjee using accessories by Louis Vuitton. Check out the quote regarding her much-publicized appearances at Cannes. You tell 'em, Aishwarya!Still looking as lovely as the day she entered the biz, but now braced with a blunt, "tell it like it is" attitude, La Rai will be turning 37 in November. Per the article, "Sixteen years later, she does not work out with any regularity, panders to her sweet tooth and starts each day with a cupcake." A cupcake?! I love her for loving her cupcakes!!
Ask her where she gets these cupcakes from and without missing a beat she says, "They come from various places, they go to the wrong places! So for the junk I eat, I have been very fortunate. There has been some weight gain because metabolism is doing its time as well, but for now, bring on the cupcakes!"
Bring on the cupcakes, indeed!Photo: Hi! Blitz,


Classy&Fabulous said...

I am so glad to see her do bold looks. But why doesnt she go a little bold ( no ones saying take inspiration from malika sherawat) on the red carpet? Why the anarkali with churidarr All The TIME!! show some legs woman! U have good ones!

PnB said...

She looks fab !!!

desipolitan said...

@ Classy - I do agree with you. Would be nice to see her rock some western styles every once in a while. We know she looks smashing when she does!

@ PnB - and she's 37!! Did I mention that? Unbelievable.