Thursday, October 14, 2010

Here's a Tip...

...for Divs to feel free to use and make her own. I was thumbing through an old issue of InStyle and came across what struck me as perhaps the intended (but alas, totally missed) objective of Divya's last appearance. Had she opted for something like this sequined Frock! by Tracy Reese, she would've been fashionable indeed!
If she wanted to move away from the colorful shell and tapered pencil skirt silhouette alltogether, she could have used a couple of fellow premiere attendees as inspirations. For the young and chic look, she could've adopted Anushka Sharma's approach. The jacket really pulls this look together and keeps it dressy yet casual.
However, if she wanted a more elegant and desi vibe, Neetu Singh lined it up and knocked it out! I love the pale gold and creme combination of her chudidaar kurta. It's always refreshing to see a non-anarkali these days! Photos: InStyle, getty.

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Apple said...

D, totally agree with you! Loved Anushka and Ms. Neetu Singh's look - isn't she just plain gorgeous?

Now back to Divya, her body needs some serious toning. She is such a great actor, but has hideous style sense (sigh!) She has been a repeat offender list for a while..