Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happily Ever After.

The fabulous Konkona wed long time beau Ranvir at a small private ceremony at the couple's home in Mumbai. Our Gossip Bureau has learned that the ceremony was a blend of Bengali and Punjabi customs reflecting Konkona and Ranvir's cultural backgrounds. Additionally, Konkona's attire is considered traditional bridal garb among Bengalis. KSS looks stunning. The black and white photo in particular reminds me of classic Bollywood starlets of yesteryear such as Smita Patil and Jaya Bhaduri. Not necessarily in terms of looks (although maybe it is the common Bong background she shares with Jaya B), but more in terms of her expression and the natural grace she possesses. Our Gossip Bureau also confirms that the ceremony was intimate by the couple's wishes and therefore only close family and friends were in attendance. Confirmed invitees included Shilpa Shetty. Here's wishing the couple all the very best! Cheers! Photos: bollywood hungama.

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