Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Family That Poses Together, Stays Together.

The Bachchans turned on some group posing action once again at the 57th National Film Awards in New Delhi. Big B and AB Jr. were both award recipients at this event. It's great that the whole family showed up in support. I swear, Shweta Nanda was there too! Not that you'd know it from any of the photos. I love La Rai's kanjeevaram sari. As I've said before, La Rai would look amazing in a burlap sack. But, in a pure silk sari, she's just stunning! This particular sari has a temple border noted by the peaks you see. I love the color combination. Green and purple with gold zari and delicate gold jewelry - La Rai could be the brand ambassador for kanjeevaram. While her style factor is impossibly high, I do wish she'd visit her colorist and take her hair color up a couple of shades. Currently, the light brown washes her out in my opinion. However, her makeup is spot on in its simplicity. She's got her usual heavily defined eyes - kohl and mascara, baby! A neutral lip, and flawless skin. Photos: AP.
Well, here is one photo of Shweta as proof that she did in fact attend. Poor girl - maybe she's just camera-shy. Can't really blame her if she is, the Bachchan Machine is rather camera-crazy! Photo: desigal.


Classy&Fabulous said...

LOve the sari!

Classy&Fabulous said...

i LOVE uggs! i dont know why people think they`re UGGly. Atleast they`re not crocs

desipolitan said...

Amen, sister! Yes, crocs are definitely awful! Unless you're under the age of 6.