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The Eyes Have It.

Sonam shows off a neat trick for making your eyes pop at a day event. Rather than OD'ing on colored eye shadows, she simply chose one color and applied it along her lower lash line. The rest of her makeup is sheer and neutral which leaves this colorful accent the center of attention. Photo: getty.
To achieve this look at home, simply use your small angled brush (i.e. MAC's 266) and smudge an eyeshadow such as MAC's Atlantic Blue along your lower lash line only! Remember, the key to this look is that the color is applied only along the lower lashes. I think this bright blue really complements dark brown eyes. Don't detract from this artfully placed splash of color by layering on other colors on your face such as overly bright blush or lipstick.

Channeling the Material Girl?

Is it homage or just a really lame knock-off. I'm gonna go with the latter. Mallika S. attended the Doha Film Festival wearing this monstrosity. Can't say I'm surprised given her usual red carpet attire. It's more of the same really. The lady loves those cut-outs. On another note, is it just me or has she been promoting Hisss for a really, really long time? I mean she keeps cropping up all around the world promoting her movie. Sorry, lady, but no amount of tireless self-promotion is going to make me want to see this film! Photo: reuters.

Positive Feedback!

The lovely folks over at the Kanjivaram Society saw fit to repost my recent post regarding La Rai and her beautiful kanjivaram silk sari on their site. You can check it out here. Thanks much to the Kanjivaram Society. I appreciate your feedback!


The Family That Poses Together, Stays Together.

The Bachchans turned on some group posing action once again at the 57th National Film Awards in New Delhi. Big B and AB Jr. were both award recipients at this event. It's great that the whole family showed up in support. I swear, Shweta Nanda was there too! Not that you'd know it from any of the photos. I love La Rai's kanjeevaram sari. As I've said before, La Rai would look amazing in a burlap sack. But, in a pure silk sari, she's just stunning! This particular sari has a temple border noted by the peaks you see. I love the color combination. Green and purple with gold zari and delicate gold jewelry - La Rai could be the brand ambassador for kanjeevaram. While her style factor is impossibly high, I do wish she'd visit her colorist and take her hair color up a couple of shades. Currently, the light brown washes her out in my opinion. However, her makeup is spot on in its simplicity. She's got her usual heavily defined eyes - kohl and mascara, baby! A neutra…

Navratri/Dusshera/Durga Puja Wrap Up.

Rani and Dia attended Durga Puja in lovely saris. Being Bengali, Rani really pulled out the stops with her choices. I believe she's (appropriately enough) wearing Sabyasachi, a fellow Bengali. I love both of these ladies for choosing very traditional looks for puja. Very rich and luxurious fabrics and accessories but not the least bit flashy. Although, Rani's navy blue number is rather reminiscent of a checked table cloth. But still, both look fab-u! Dia's capped sleeve blouse is sweet and Rani's white sari is a traffic stopper. Photos: getty, bollywood hungama.

Think Pink!

Ladies (and gents too!), October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the States. I don't know for sure, but I believe many other countries are also marking October as BCAM. If any of you know of goings on in the Desh and would like to share, please do write in! I know I don't need to tell you, but this is one helluva worthy cause! Actress and model, Lisa Ray, is a cancer survivor herself. Throughout her battle with cancer, she was very candid about the disease and its toll on her both physically and emotionally. As a survivor, she is a tireless crusader for breast cancer awareness and fundraising for a cure! She was absolutely radiant at a recent breast cancer awareness event in Mumbai - hence the hot pink. It's a pretty fantastic color at baseline, but as a symbol of the fight against breast cancer, we love it even more! We here at desipolitan wish Lisa well in her endeavours and certainly hope to see her return to films in the future. "Shabash" for all…

Love the 'Tude!

La Rai provides a surprisingly candid interview in the October issue of Hi!. I suppose surprising is rather unfair. But it seems that La Rai's practiced even keel in interviews has resulted in an impression that she may be unwilling to divulge how she really feels or to speak her mind. Given her obvious good looks, she has often been plagued with the assumption that there's just not much more to her than her beauty. In this spread, she's been styled by Sabyasachi Mukherjee using accessories by Louis Vuitton. Check out the quote regarding her much-publicized appearances at Cannes. You tell 'em, Aishwarya!Still looking as lovely as the day she entered the biz, but now braced with a blunt, "tell it like it is" attitude, La Rai will be turning 37 in November. Per the article, "Sixteen years later, she does not work out with any regularity, panders to her sweet tooth and starts each day with a cupcake." A cupcake?! I love her for loving her cupcakes!! As…

AdWatch: Mahindra.

Check out Bebo's latest ad for Mahindra scooters. Per the tagline, "she's got her eyes on it". However, in my opinion, Bebo's expression indicates that she wants to eat the scooter. Therefore, I humbly suggest that the tagline be revised to read "It's got power. It's got style. And it tastes good too!" Photo: bollywood lover

Talk About Inappropriate!

Aashish Chaudhary and his wife Samita Bangargi attended a puja at the home of Sanjay Dutt in celebration of Navratri. Now, while this is a festive event, it is also a religious event. Samita was appropriately dressed in a bright anarkali. Aashish, on the other hand, could really use some help. At baseline I am not in favor of wearing jeans to a religious occasion. I mean come on. You live in India - are you telling me that there is some shortage of appropriate desi attire? Even if he didn't want to wear a jhaba kurta or some such, how about a nice pair of khakis with a tucked in oxford shirt? I mean at least put a modicum of effort into it. But our friend Aashish actually went and made his already iffy appearance a downright "no-no". What is the deal with all that heavage?! "Heavage" for those who don't know, is the technical term for man-cleavage. Gross! P.S. Happy Dusshera to those who celebrate! Photo: getty.

YBTJ: One-Shoulder Edition.

These lovelies were in attendance at the same HDIL Couture Week bash. Both Rani and Karisma wore one-shoulder numbers. My question for you, is who wore it better? Rani's bright blue hue combined with the slightly sloppy draping just didn't cut it for me. Plus, when you have a bold color and the dress is already a one-shoulder number, is it really necessary that the other be a cut-out sleeve? On the other hand, the classic black color plus a looser (yet not sack-like) silhouette are every new mama's godsend! I have to go with Karisma on this one! Photos: getty

Happy Birthday, AB Sr.!

The Big B celebrated his 68th birthday in style and with the usual media frenzy. For starters, his tv show Kaun Banega Crorepati threw him a bash, and the Bachchans et all later celebrated at the Bachchan residence, Jalsa. Honestly, it does seem like the Bachchans themselves appeared on their driveway for the sole purpose of waving to cameras and being photographed. I guess the Bachchan Machine lives by the saying "no publicity is bad publicity"!You'll notice between events that it appears as though La Rai is paying tribute to her FIL by color coordinating with him. During the daytime, I have no issues with either AB Sr. or La Rai's choice of attire. Both look crisp. But who let AB Jr. out of the house looking like a reject from the sets of High School Musical?! Dress your age, man!Again in the evening, the Bachchan Machine geared up for some family photos on their driveway in classic style. Man do these guys love posingtogether! They all look fantastic. But where is…

Filmi Forecast: Anil Kapoor opposite Tom Cruise!

Yes, you read that right! Fresh off his turn on American tv's 24, The Pompadoured One, is reportedly playing a villain in the latest iteration of the Mission Impossible franchise. This guy is truly getting better with age! I lowe it! Per my Gossip Bureau you can read more here. Photo: getty.


Dearest Sonakshi,
Please do not try to bring back this hideous '80s trend. Please let it die with the '80s along with poodle perms and shoulder pads. Do us all a favor, and the next time you visit your manicurist, repeat after me: "I would like short nails with a gentle squarish shape." Do not - I beg of you - revisit your long, oval talon obsession.
Love, d
Photos: getty.

Here's a Tip...

...for Divs to feel free to use and make her own. I was thumbing through an old issue of InStyle and came across what struck me as perhaps the intended (but alas, totally missed) objective of Divya's last appearance. Had she opted for something like this sequined Frock! by Tracy Reese, she would've been fashionable indeed!If she wanted to move away from the colorful shell and tapered pencil skirt silhouette alltogether, she could have used a couple of fellow premiere attendees as inspirations. For the young and chic look, she could've adopted Anushka Sharma's approach. The jacket really pulls this look together and keeps it dressy yet casual. However, if she wanted a more elegant and desi vibe, Neetu Singh lined it up and knocked it out! I love the pale gold and creme combination of her chudidaar kurta. It's always refreshing to see a non-anarkali these days! Photos: InStyle, getty.

She's Baaaaack!

Oh, Divya D., how we've missed you and your woefully inept style sense! Seriously, darling, it has been too long! Divya made an incompetent (well at least from a sartorial perspective) appearance at the premiere of Do Dooni Chaar and let's just say that when my claws need sharpening, we can always count on D.D. to provide ample fodder!So? Now that you've had a dekho. Let's do a quick breakdown. The skirt's not actually half bad (for her standards; by normal person standards it's still rather cheap looking). But that too-tight cami is clearly a ... errrr. How do I say this delicately? It is a "foundational garment", you git! And as such, it is meant to be layered underneath something, like gee. I don't know. A blouse, perhaps?!? As worn by D.D., it reminds us that she evidently forgot a proper top, and also draws attention to the fact that she has squeezed her ample knockers into a too-small bra. Div, don't be so mean to your girls - they deser…


Big B, SRK, and Hrithik. Sharing a stage. At HDIL Couture Week. Must breathe. Must breathe.They were hamming it up for designer duo Karan-Varun. But who the hell really cares? The three A-list Bollywood megastars on one stage, at the same time. They could be walking for Forever 21 Menswear and it wouldn't matter. My mind is racing with fabulous Bollywood dance numbers right now. With these three, the possibilities are endless. So no. I will not be commenting on fashions displayed at the Karan-Varun show. I'm not even going to say anything about the ruffle action Hrithik's got going on. Big B + SRK + Hrithik = on one stage. That is all. Photo: bollywood hungama.

Having a Good Day, Are We?

And so it cycles back with Ms. K. At this rate, I may have to pull a couple of mixologists off the Goss Bureau and place them on permanent Kangana-watch. I swear, I don't want to keep talking about her, but when she's having an off day, she's a walking disaster. That said, every once and again, she manages a good day too! At the promo of Knock Out on Chhote Ustad she was downright luminous. And I love the mandarin! Both the color and the collar! This anarkali is charming in its simplicity as is Kangana's frizz free (thank the gods!) demurely pulled back hair.Photo: getty.

Too Much.

Fabric, that is. Alas, Rani did not get her act together over the course of LFW. On the final day, she in fact chose her most unflattering look: this ghastly wide leg romper. Eek. Can we just say that the fabric swallows her up and only makes shorties appear even shorter? Frankly, the proportions don't help out width-wise either. Let's just leave it at that. Photo: getty.

What's in My Makeup Bag?

Drum roll, please. As a confessed makeup-holic, I noticed that my ever-expanding collection has now expanded to the point of taking over all but one drawer in my bathroom (leaving poor hubbs with just the one itty bitty drawer to call his own). So, with this burgeoning collection of all manner of makeup and beauty products, I'd like to unveil my newest feature: What's in My Makeup Bag? I hope to make this one a regular so do write in with any suggestions!

So let's start 'er off right, shall we? There's a nice, cool nip in the air. Which means it's soon to be time for warm apple cider, hot donuts, and gorgeous autumn colors! You know what that means, ladies. Time to put away the fun, vibrant summer shades and trade in for some deep hued fall nail polish! I don't know what excites me more about season changes - the actual weather change, or the chance to swap in a whole new palette of makeup colors? Right now I'm all about the "greige" trend. OPI…

Happily Ever After.

The fabulous Konkona wed long time beau Ranvir at a small private ceremony at the couple's home in Mumbai. Our Gossip Bureau has learned that the ceremony was a blend of Bengali and Punjabi customs reflecting Konkona and Ranvir's cultural backgrounds. Additionally, Konkona's attire is considered traditional bridal garb among Bengalis. KSS looks stunning. The black and white photo in particular reminds me of classic Bollywood starlets of yesteryear such as Smita Patil and Jaya Bhaduri. Not necessarily in terms of looks (although maybe it is the common Bong background she shares with Jaya B), but more in terms of her expression and the natural grace she possesses. Our Gossip Bureau also confirms that the ceremony was intimate by the couple's wishes and therefore only close family and friends were in attendance. Confirmed invitees included Shilpa Shetty. Here's wishing the couple all the very best! Cheers! Photos: bollywood hungama.

Strike a Pose.

Who woulda thought this day would ever come? I mean frankly speaking, Sri has only gotten better with age so I always considered hers to be a constantly rising bar that would prove nearly impossible for her daughters to match. Well it seems Sri's beti has outdone her at Neeta Lulla's show. Snapped striking identical poses, have a looksee at this mother-daughter duo and let me know what you think. Now, we can't really fault Sri in this case. After all, she was walking for Ms. Lulla so let's be clear about where the blame for this shiny mess likes. {cough}Neeta{cough}Lulla. Photo: getty.


It's one word to describe Bhagayshree at the Neeta Lulla show on the final day of LFW. I love the gorge print on this sari. The minimalist jewelry really complements the bold print. Photo: getty.


Spotted on the final day of LFW, looks like Akki was channeling a bizarre combination of Freddie and Velma from Scooby Doo. Unless one of you can tell me that the theme of this particular show was "favorite childhood cartoons," I don't really understand this look at all, so that's all I have to say about that! Photos: getty.